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Hillel is a 30 year old NGO that empowers those who leave ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel to integrate into mainstream Israeli society. For obvious political reasons the organization has chosen to remain largely unseen for many years but the covid crisis has changed the dynamics and forced things into action.



The Task

To create an advertising campaign that brings Hillel to the public’s attention and help raise funds for its’ cause. The campaign needed to be positive without appearing to be actively advocating for leaving the fold and instigating anger towards the ultra-Orthodox communities.



The solution

We tried different directions ranging from mild to provocative and eventually realized that presenting the faces and voices of people who have succeeded in making this difficult voyage and are proud of their stories is the way to go. Combining real people with the look and feel of a political campaign and a slogan that talks about the Yozim Movement pulled on people’s heart strings and brought thousands of new donors. Along the way the campaign created a public awareness to Hillel and made the Yozim community very proud.



Hillel campaign moodboard
Hillel campaign logo sketches
Hillel campaign wip
Hillel campaign poster series
Hillel campaign formats
Hillel campaign graphic




Hillel campaign english
Hillel campaign newspaper
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