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Gross. Is one of Israel’s largest and most respectable law firms with 170 lawyers and over 40 years reputation worldwide.




The Task


To rebrand and update the law firm’s brand whose full name was Gross Kleinhendler Hodak Halevy Greenberg Shenhav & co., maintain it’s dignified position in the market but bring it up to date re name, look and feel. 




The solution


When searching for the DNA of the firm, we realized that a modern and minimalist approach was needed in order to convey the updated values of the brand. We came up with the slogan “Your deal makers”, shortened the firm’s name to Gross (GKH), created a logo with it’s center letter O elongated in reference to the literary meaning of the name and it’s negotiating capabilities illustrated by the boardroom table.







Moodboard Gross
Gross old vs new
Gross connection
Gross connection
Gross visual
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