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Colmobil is Israel’s largest importer of cars, sporting three winning brands: Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Mercedes. Our collaboration with Colmobil for over a decade demands an in depth knowledge and understanding of each brand and it’s specific needs. Dealing with the adaptation of each brand to local consumer cultural codes plays a big part of our job here.



The Task

We were asked to address the problem Colmobil’s service centers were facing with cheap imports of car parts flooding the market and causing long term damages to the cars. The request was to emphasize the importance of using original car parts by the consumers.



The solution

We realized that nobody wants their car to behave differently just because they were tempted to use cheaper car parts and we came up with a very simple and accurate visual solution: presenting the names Hyundai and Mitsubishi with spelling mistakes alongside a slogan that read, “It’s not the same car if it doesn’t have original parts”.



Hyundai campaign posters
Hyundai campaign gif
Hyundai campaign sign
Hyundai campaign sign
Mitsubishi campaign posters
Mitsubishi campaign gif
Mitsubishi campaign sign
Mitsubishi campaign sign
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